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Welcome to airoticktandtravel.com! Our website, including our mobile and desktop applications, is designed to provide you with a user-friendly, informative, and secure travel experience. Whether you're looking for travel information or want to book services with our trusted travel partners, airoticktandtravel is here to help. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Terms and Conditions, which outline the rules and responsibilities when using our platform. By using our website, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions without any modifications. They govern the services provided on airoticktandtravel.com and your responsibilities as a user. We recommend reading our Privacy Policy as well, which explains how your information is handled.

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Flight Booking Terms and Conditions:

Booking Confirmation: Once you have completed your flight booking, we will send you a confirmation email with your booking details and e-ticket. If you don't receive this email, please contact us as soon as possible.

Schedule Changes: Airlines may occasionally change flight schedules. It's important to check your flight details before departure. If there are any changes, please contact the airline directly for alternative arrangements.

Overbooked Flights: Airlines sometimes overbook flights. If you encounter an overbooking situation, refer to the airline's contract of carriage or contact us for guidance.

Transparent Pricing: Prices displayed on our website are subject to change. Once you've made your payment and received your e-ticket, the price is guaranteed. However, airlines may adjust their prices without prior notice.

Cancellation and Refunds: Most bookings made through us are non-refundable. If you need to cancel, contact our customer care team. Refunds, if applicable, are subject to administrative fees and airline policies. It may take up to 60-90 days to process a refund.

Name Changes: After completing the booking, name changes are not allowed. Please ensure the accuracy of passenger names before confirming the booking.

Contact Center Booking Service Fee: When booking through our contact center, a service fee may apply. The amount will be included in the taxes and final price quoted to you.

International Transaction Fees: Credit card transactions may incur international transaction fees. These charges are determined by your credit card company and are not our responsibility.

Special Requests: Requests for seats, meals, and frequent flyer miles are subject to availability. Airlines may change seat assignments without notice. Confirmation of requested services should be verified directly with the airline.

Suitability of Travel Services: We provide information about travel services, but we cannot guarantee their suitability for every individual. Please assess the risks associated with your travel choices independently.

Unaccompanied Minors: We do not allow unaccompanied minors to make bookings. Each airline has its own policies for minors traveling alone. Please check directly with the airline for their specific rules and any additional fees.

Credit Card Charge Back

As a valued customer, you have the option to dispute any travel charges that have been applied to your credit card. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a charge, we kindly ask that you first reach out to airoticktandtravel for assistance before proceeding to dispute the claim with your credit card company. Once we have addressed your concerns and resolved the disputed charges, you can then verify the resolution with your credit card company. Please note that if a chargeback is incorrectly filed, airoticktandtravel reserves the right to cancel your bookings as a necessary measure.

When you make a booking with us as your service provider, you automatically accept and agree to our cancellation policy. It is important to note that any special offers, discounts, or coupon codes published on our website are not applicable to the cancellation policy. In the event of an improper charge, a chargeback may be initiated. We have the right to investigate such claims and may request access to our call recordings, including service calls, as evidence to dispute the claim.

Terms & Conditions - Hotel Reservations

The photos and information provided on airoticktandtravel.com regarding hotels, their amenities, and products are shared by the respective suppliers. We cannot be held responsible for any changes that may occur due to outdated or misrepresented updates provided by the suppliers. Special requests such as smoking/non-smoking rooms or lake-view/garden-view accommodations are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. While hotels typically strive to fulfill these requests, we cannot guarantee their fulfillment.

Please note that certain fares quoted may require special memberships, such as corporate, government, AAA, or ARP. Offers under these rates will require the designated members to provide proof of eligibility during check-in. However, hotels are not obligated to honor special rates if you fail to qualify or provide the necessary identification. airoticktandtravel and the hotel supplier cannot issue a refund for unused rooms or nights due to early check-out. Some hotel suppliers may offer additional services, such as airport shuttles or booking bonuses for free services like tours or breakfast. The availability of these services is at the discretion of the hotel and should be confirmed directly with them.

Pet Policy:

If you plan to travel with a pet, it is essential to contact the hotel directly to inquire about their pet policy, fees, and any restrictions they may have. airoticktandtravel holds no responsibility for the hotel's pet policy or associated fees. Each hotel may have different policies based on the type, size, and breed of the pet.

Pet Policy:

If you plan to travel with a pet, it is essential to contact the hotel directly to inquire about their pet policy, fees, and any restrictions they may have. airoticktandtravel holds no responsibility for the hotel's pet policy or associated fees. Each hotel may have different policies based on the type, size, and breed of the pet.

Pre-Paid Reservations:

Pre-paid reservations require a charge to your credit card at the time of booking. This charge covers the base amount for the room reservation only and does not include additional charges such as resort fees, energy surcharges, cleaning fees, or minibar expenses. These additional charges may include meals, movies, games, parking, or phone calls and are billed as incidentals on a daily basis.

Pre-Paid Booking Vouchers:

Some hotels may require a voucher upon check-in. If your booking requires a voucher, airoticktandtravel will provide you with the necessary documentation to present to the hotel authorities. You will receive your hotel confirmation and voucher in the same email from us. Please ensure you have a printed copy of the confirmation and voucher with you at the time of check-in.

Pre-Paid Booking Vouchers:


We strive to accommodate your meal preferences as selected during the booking process. If you book a hotel that includes meals and you have paid for the meal provision at the time of booking, you will receive the specified meals accordingly. Alternatively, you may choose an apartment-style accommodation.